Meet the House Capitol eREITs.

The first low-fee diversified real estate investments available directly to everyone online.


Objective Income & Growth
Location California
Dividend Semi Annually
Returns Up to 47%
Time (n) <= 48Months


Objective Income & Growth
Location Florida
Dividend Quarterly
Returns Up to 40%
Time (n) <= 48Months


Objective Income & Growth
Location USA
Dividend Monthly
Returns Up to 50%
Time (n) <= 72Months

“The future of real estate investing is here.”

Why US

We’re on a mission to make quality real estate investments available to everyone.

Performance is the ultimate measure of any investment model, and Fundrise is already hard at work building a strong track record. We're pleased to report that a diversified eREIT™ investor could have received an annualized dividend of 6.95% for 2016.

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When you invest on Fundrise, your money is in the hands of real estate experts with over 75 years and $5 billion of combined professional experience. We are firmly committed to maintaining our standards for quality – each investment is subjected to a thorough underwriting process and fewer than 2% are approved.

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Your experience with the Fundrise platform is as important to us as the success of your investments, so we’ve created a world-class secure platform where becoming a real estate investor is as easy as buying a book on Amazon. Diversifying into real estate on Fundrise is so simple and enjoyable that you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner.

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“Buy land, they’re not making any more.”

Mark Twain

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